Curated Cupboard

Harp Cottage is a lifestyle cottage.  Not only a holiday let, it’s my way of sharing my home and style.  It was our home for many years and most of the elements in it are from when we lived there.  The furniture was mostly found especially for the cottage though we brought a few pieces with us.  One of these is what we call the Tin Lizzy.  Now known as the Curated Cupboard.

The Tin Lizzy aka the Curated Cupboard

This is a metal 1940/50s cupboard that was left in the first house that we bought and made our first home in.  It was in my studio and I loved it.  It has travelled with us ever since.

Open for business, the guests own personal shop

The cupboard came about out of a need to share.  I love a good rummage in a flea market or antique shop.  I am absolutely in heaven in a brocante or vide grenier in France but this means you collect stuff, beautiful stuff and you have nowhere for it but you can’t stop picking things up because, well just because.  And I have a ‘look’ – my findings each shop look pretty much the same but each is different, the age, the patina – you get the picture!  I needed an outlet, so the Curated Cupboard was born.

Usual colour palette of finds

I have no desire to open a shop – I know how much hard work it is and how stressful it can be.  I also couldn’t shop enough to actually keep a shop going.  I know I could try…but…

Also wonderful shops, such as The End in Hay on Wye, already exist and they are so brilliantly created that there’s no point!

So it seemed natural to create a very small space in the cottage itself, where guests who share the same aesthetic, can take away things that have caught my eye and are how I create the Harp Cottage look.  The Curated Cupboard is an honesty cupboard, an ethos that I love.  I want to live in an open community and here in Presteigne and Hay on Wye we have several honesty shops which remind me that this is the kind of world I want to live in.

Inside the Curated Cupboard

Sometimes I come across something that I must share with everyone and this was true of Beanpole Pottery – instagram @beanpole_pottery  As well as making the most beautiful ceramics Kristine is also a beautiful person, please go and check out her work!  We have a few of her amazing pieces left in the cupboard and I would love to have more but shipping and import taxes make it unfeasible.

The honesty box and @beanpole_pottery

The main items that form the Curated Cupboard are wares I have found in France but I will buy anything anywhere that I like the look of, so please expect to see a mix of objects all collected together to make a whole.  The basis of the Harp Cottage look.

Marmalade and pharmacy pots and lichen



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