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Two Things Inspiring Me At The Moment

Masseria Moroseta

Taking a journey through someone else’s world feels like a privilege.

Seeing how they create a world, how they negotiate the space, how they interact with the world around them. The atmosphere of their world.

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How to share the style love

Harp Cottage main bedroom, linen bedding

One of the things I love is how much people love the look of Harp Cottage.  We created Harp Cottage as our home.  It was decorated to suit our lives, our budget and our aesthetics. Harp Cottage is our approach to life as well as a home.  Everything we  do, is done with thought and…

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Denby Dreaming

Denby Pottery at Harp Cottage

We all have dreams and as usual mine are usually all about my home.  Creating beautiful interiors is hugely important to me, in fact it’s essential.  I really believe that the environment you live in, has an enormous impact on your well being.  By surrounding yourself with beautiful objects that feel lovely to touch and…

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A weekend in Wales | Laura Penrose Vlog

Laura Penrose visited Harp Cottage for a break away with her beautiful family. She brought her camera along and captured her trip through her Vlog (Video Blog for those that don’t know 🙂 ). Thank you Laura for the amazing video, please sit back and enjoy. 

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My 10 inspirations this week – sharing images I have enjoyed

Are you like me? Always forging ahead looking to the future? Well I’ve made a promise to myself that I will look back over what I’ve achieved in the last week as a way of reminding myself that I am always travelling and usually moving forward. Part of this review is to take the time…

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'Perfect Imperfect' by Karen McCartney, Why you should buy it now!

‘Perfect Imperfect – the beauty of accident, age & patina’ by  Karen McCartney is the latest addition to my much loved book stash.  The book is also the work of Sharyn Cairns and Glen Proebstel. I first saw the book at the home of @joannamaclennanphotography and needed it in my life.  This book has a…

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Eight Essentials for a Curated Kitchen

Most people are familiar with the William Morris quote ‘Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.’ This is a very good mantra to adopt in the kitchen – we spend a lot of time in the kitchen (well I don’t as it’s my husband’s…

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February Refresh – How to clear the January gloom away…

My three seasonal Hacks I don’t know about you but I found January grim. The lack of light, the short days, combined with the relentless rain and when you live in the countryside the huge amounts of mud that you cannot escape and which has even become an unwelcome design feature in my home, it’s…

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How to get the Harp Cottage Look workshop

Last Saturday was a little bit different than normal at Harp Cottage.  Instead of guests staying for the weekend relaxing and enjoying the decor and scenery, we ran a workshop on ‘How to get the Harp Cottage look’ so everyone can create their own personal curated considered space.  It was a real treat for me…

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Day Job

As a lot of you have been asking about what I do, I thought it was time to introduce myself.  My name’s Justine and I wear many hats.  My career is an artist but as that earns me no money, my day job is an Interiors Consultant/Stylist.  I don’t do photo shoots or that sort…

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