• White linen campaign sofa White linen campaign sofa

    White Linen Campaign Sofa

    In September we officially launch this new sofa design at 100% Design.  A modern sofa based on an old classic design with a contemporary twist.  It is unique as it is made as a campaign sofa so can fit into the most awkward spaces as it is meant to be taken apart - perfect for apartment blocks and old houses with narrow doorways and staircases.  Each one is hand made so size isn’t an issue as they are always made to order.  We will also be offering it as a sofa bed in standard sizes.  Available in linen to start and we will then introduce selected wools and velvets to the collection.  Although we officially launch in September they are already available and take 8-12 weeks to deliver. Sizes priced are standard but please just ask for variations chair 1.1m small two seater 1.8m two seater 2m three seater 2.2m   The sofa photographed above is the original sofa designed for an old French townhouse with a very steep narrow staircase. The sofa is 2.2m long.  The house had been in the same family since it had been built until the now and the new owners want to be mindful of this history.  The linen is from vintage sheets found in the house that belonged to the original family as we wanted to incorporate the old with the current chapter of the home.
  • Grey Baobab seed pods. The Baobob is a tree native to Africa, Australia and the Middle East tree produces these amazing seed pods.  It is now classified as a super food but these are purely decorative seed pods.
  • Beautiful old vintage heavy weight linen sheet. Warm toned linen small monogram of JG in red 195cm x 232cm, approx
  • Out of stock
    Vintage Handloomed linen.  A beautiful greige shade.  Still has flex of flax seed in the layers, just lovely! 62cm wide £24 per meter
  • The art of slow photography with Joanna Maclennan

    Day One
    Tuesday 26th March 2019
    Perfecting the art of composition and lighting to create a beautiful still life image is a challenging and demanding skill. But get it right and still life photography can be a powerfully expressive artform. This course is an excellent introduction to Interior Photography, arming you with a few essential skills, so you can create your own fantastic Interiors shots and progress to the next level.Day One Tuesday 26 March On day one Joanna will guide you through basic theory and introduction to photography whilst talking about Interiors and still life, followed by a practical session that will include 1-1 help to answer individual needs.  Please come with a working camera and a tripod if possible.£125 for the day, including lunch and refreshments
  • Slow Living photography follow on with Joanna Maclennan Day Two Wednesday 27 March On day two, following on from day one or for those who already have an understanding of the basics but would like to delve deeper, Joanna will be building on what we have already learnt. With more time spent on practical work and developing your own perfect style - Harp Cottage will be your playground along with a number of props for you to play with.   Please bring a working camera and tripod with you. £125 for the day, including lunch and refreshments
  • Day Three Thursday 28th March Styling and Moodboarding Our final day will be dedicated to styling your photographs and learning how to create a great looking photograph led by me Justine and we are delighted to have Deborah Beau from Plumes and Feathers to guide you through creating a mood board and provide insight into how curation and storytelling can help build community and sharpen your creative focus. A homemade lunch and refreshments will be provided. £125 for the day
  • Ticket for all three days of our Spring Slow Living Retreat Day One Introduction to Slow Living Photography - Joanna Maclennan Day Two Follow on to Slow Living Photography  - Joanna Maclennan Day Three Mood boarding and Styling - Justine Cook & Deborah Beau   £300 to attend all three days Lunch and all refreshments provided
  • Porcupine Quills

    A selection of porcupine quills in various lengths.  I adore these quills and use them extensively in my styling shots. 24cm - £2.00 each 19-20cm £1.50 each 15-16cm - £1 each 10-11cm - 50p each
  • A limited collection of chocolate coloured paper note books.  A4 in size with lined paper the color of the label on the front.  All embossed with the Harp Cottage emblem.
  • 100% Linen Duvet Cover

    100% Linen Duvet Cover
    This pure white 100% soft natural pure linen bedding has been stone washed for extra softness.
    So easy to care for and it becomes softer with each wash.
    Dimensions Single: 150 x 215cm Double: 200 x 200cm King: 225 x 220cm Super King: 260 x 220cm
    Please allow 10 working days for delivery
  • 100% Linen Fitted Sheets

    100% Linen fitted sheet
    This pure white 100% soft natural pure linen bedding has been stone washed for extra softness.
    So easy to care for and it becomes softer with each wash.
    Dimensions Single: 90x200x35cm Double: 140x200x35cm King: 150x200x35cm Super King: 183x200x35cm
    Please allow 10 working days for delivery